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Case Study

Client Needs

KLS Interactive was engaged by a healthcare software start-up to drive awareness and generate online leads. The company had little market penetration and was looking to gain speed against leading competitors, specifically in the area of digital marketing and advertising.

Services Provided

KLS Interactive created a digital marketing strategy that incorporated a blend of Organic and Paid Search, as well as LinkedIn advertising. The client produced a lot of value-added content in the form of whitepapers and eBooks after realizing that their prospects would need nurturing before becoming a true lead (ready for a demo). We created conversion goals in Google Analytics to track leads from downloads of specific whitepapers and eBooks and the sales team followed up on these leads to schedule software demos. We also ran Remarketing campaigns to stay in front of prospects who visited their website but did not convert.


We were able to drive high conversion rates via LinkedIn advertising which targeted niche audience segments (specific titles at specific companies). We also implemented a remarketing campaign on LinkedIn to retarget people who had previously visited the client’s website from a LinkedIn ad or organic post.

  • Between July 2019 and April 2020, we were able to average a 12% conversion rate from LinkedIn ads (remarketing and prospecting)

In Google Ads, we ran both Search Network and Display Network (Remarketing) campaigns. The Search Network campaign was hyper-targeted on a few niche keywords, while the Remarketing campaign served banner ads to people who had already visited the client’s website (from any channel).

  • Between July 2019 and April 2020, Paid Search averaged a 6.85% conversion rate
  • In comparison, the site average for conversion rate was just 1.57%
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