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Influencer Marketing

Create brand relationships with influential social media users and gain more natural, organic product mentions online with an Influencer Marketing program.¬† We work with social media influencers to generate buzz about your brand and products to drive purchase consideration. Word-of-mouth marketing has never been more impactful than in today’s age of social networking and online shopping.

Our Approach

Influencer Relations

  • Identify and work with key influencers to review and write about your products
  • Vet and respond to influencer requests
  • Share appropriate messaging, key points and images with influencers via an influencer guidelines document
  • Create a pipeline of influencer coverage, including timing and types of coverage¬†

Content Generation

  • Craft pitch letters and sample posts to share wtih influencers
  • Provide inspiration for photos, social media posts and Instagram Stories

Performance Tracking

  • Provide influencers with a campaign id to be used for posts that link to your website. This campaign id will allow us to track website visits from influencer marketing
  • Set up conversion goals in Google Analytics to track specific results


  • Provide monthly reporting that shows coverage performance, including followers, website visits and engagement metrics
  • Take screenshots of Instagram Stories when they are live and work with influencers to get the performance stats from their IG Stories

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