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Web Analytics

Understand the true impact of your marketing efforts with Web analytics reporting.  We create customized reports and dashboards using Google Data Studio to enable you to access your reporting in real time – when you want to see it. No more waiting for your agency to update you on how certain campaigns are performing. Our custom reports are designed for absolute transparency and full visibility into digital campaigns being managed on your behalf.

Our Approach

Goal Setting

  • Identify objectives and online conversion goals for each of your digital marketing campaigns
  • Create conversion goals in Google Analytics to track conversions back to specific campaigns
  • Be able to clearly articulate why you are running certain campaigns and how you will measure success

Conversion Tracking

  • Add tracking code to your website for the various platforms you’re using to run campaigns (Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
  • Connect Google Analytics to integrated ecommerce platforms like Shopify to enable ROI tracking in terms of online purchases and revenue
  • Leverage campaign ids to track success metrics by individual campaign 

Real-Time Reporting

  • Create Google Data Studio reports that connect directly to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console and other platforms like Google Sheets
  • Access your custom report online and anytime via a link

Data Reading

  • Understand what your reports are telling you in terms of campaign performance and overall data trends
  • Be empowered to make data-driven decisions based on a test and learn approach
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns to direct your budget towards the highest converting tactics

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