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Client Needs

KLS Interactive was approached by a local non-profit cultural institution for help with digital marketing. The organization had not previously done much in the way of online marketing and was interested in testing Paid Search and Social Media Advertising.

Services Provided

KLS Interactive created a digital marketing program to boost attendance at the organization’s various historical sites and hosted events. We were responsible for managing the large digital marketing budget and for creating and tracking campaign performance.  KLS Interactive also managed the organization’s Google Paid Search program (Search and Display) and their Social Media Advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We helped them through the application process for Google Ad Grants and took charge of managing their Ad Grants, keeping their campaigns in compliance with Google’s strict requirements for non-profit grants.


KLS Interactive was able to achieve high click-through rates for both Paid Google Ads and the Ad Grants program.

  • In 2019, click-through rate (CTR) averaged 17.54% (5% was the minimum required for Ad Grants compliance)
  • Average cost-per-click was $1.32 (under the $2.00 CPC maximum for Ad Grants compliance)
  • Site visitors were engaged, with the program averaging a 40% bounce rate

Social Media Advertising was effective in driving registrations for site tours and events

  • Ads promoting holiday-themed tours generated CTRs of 13 – 14% at an average cost-per-click of just $0.07
  • Hyper-targeting of ads to specific demographics and interests also led to CTRs of up to 10% on ads promoting exhibits and experiences

We also helped this organization set up real conversion goals in Google Analytics to reach a point where they could actually track ticket and product web sales.

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