Consulting Services

Content Strategy

Whether you are creating a new website, undergoing a site redesign or conducting a re-branding initiative, SEO should be a key consideration. We can help guide you through this process and help you develop a SEO-friendly content strategy to drive increased, qualified traffic to your website.

Our Approach


  • Audit the site’s current keyword rankings and organic search traffic to determine where there are SEO risks
  • Analyze competitor keyword rankings and identify opportunity areas and content gaps


  • Conduct keyword research to identify which terms are being used to search for your products and services
  • Determine how much brand equity exists for current brands and products (level of risk associated with a re-brand)


  • Create an overall recommendation on how to approach a re-brand / site redesign based on research, analysis and existing brand equity
  • Build a sitemap for grouping content together thematically
  • Create a SEO risk mitigation strategy including a redirect plan
  • Identify opportunities for creating topic clusters with internal linking
  • Provide SEO best practices for keyword optimization
  • Create a strategy for building site authority via Social Media Marketing

Get Started

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